Producer TakeBack Get Results

Producer takeback recycling for computers is catching on! In 2010, the second year of the Texas Computer TakeBack Law, manufacturers recycled almost twice what they did in 2009. Now it’s clear that Texans needs similar recycling for TVs. KUT News has more:

“Computer recycling in Texas almost doubled in 2010 compared the year prior, according to the state’s environmental regulator. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality says 24.3 million pounds of old hard drives, motherboards and various other computer parts were diverted away from landfills last year. The recycling program was created by the state legislature in 2007. House Bill 2714 requires computer manufacturers who sell in Texas to offer easy recycling programs for their brands of consumers.”

Recycling advocates are encouraged that Representative Byron Cook (R-Corsicana) and Senator Kirk Watson (D-Austin) have already re-introduced measures on producer takeback for TVs, HB 88 and SB 329 respectively. This legislation has attracted the interest of the electronics companies, electronics recyclers, charities such as Goodwill, the Christian Life Commission of the Baptist General Convention of Texas and thousands of Texans who are writing legislators every month supporting producer takeback recycling.

In addition, it’s clear that the existing Computer TakeBack Law needs more teeth. Just a few manufacturers were responsible for the vast majority of all the computer equipment recycled in Texas in 2010 under the law. Most manufacturers still aren’t doing anywhere near their fair share!

It’s time to stop squandering the benefits of recycling e-waste such as creating jobs for Texans in the recycling sector, conserving resources including rare earth metals and keeping toxins out of our landfills.

Needs Similar Recycling for TVs

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  1. Thank you so much for the suggestions you posted here. I agree with you that if you got no use for the things you have at home, then better donate these things. Learn more about recycling from the GreenopolisTV channel. Check out their latest video filmed at the Sustainable brands conference; you should see it:

  2. Thanks for sharing the green triangle which relates for the environment ,I think now its a time to take the benefit of recycling e-waste with your chip set diagram.

  3. Inspiring post, increasing the amount of recycling and developing new methods of re-using waste materials is of high importance and its up to the large companies across the world to make it happen. Its a shame that many companies still use resources that are not recyclable.

  4. Very interesting subject, appreciate it for putting up.

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