Automotive Waste

Don’t dump your oil! Used oil from one oil change – five quarts – creates an oil film that covers two and a half acres of surface water. That’s the equivalent of two football fields. However, recycling is easy.

First of all, most automotive centers (like AutoZone or Pep Boys)  will accept used motor oil, car batteries, or other automotive wastes for recycling. You should always call ahead to see what materials they’ll recycle.

If you have something even the automotive stores won’t recycle, you’ll need to find you local Household Hazardous Waste Center. You can find locations anywhere in Texas here, but do call ahead to make sure they’ll take what you’ve got.

Some curbside recycling programs accept used motor oil — very convenient. Houston provides this service, details are here. However, most cities do not offer curbside pick-up for automotive waste, and you should never put anything out on the curb unless you’re absolutely sure it’s covered in your program.

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