Paint is the most prevalent household hazardous waste (HHW), meaning it makes up the most quantity, by volume, of materials received at HHW collection programs across the country. The U.S. EPA estimates that approximately 10 percent of the 750 million gallons of paint sold annually becomes leftover paint. So recycling could keep 75 million gallons of paint out of landfills or incinerators each year.

Unfortunately, paint recycling options are very limited in Texas. But some city and county HHW collection centers will take your paint, re-mix and recycle it. Click here to find your local HHW center. Some states are implementing systems in which paint manufacturers help collect and recycle our leftovers instead. These “product stewardship” or “producer takeback” programs have the potential to save tax dollars and ramp up paint recycling. Learn more here!

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  1. I have approx. 1/2 a large 5 gal bucket of joint compound that a worker left at our house. It’s mostly dried up now. Where can I get rid of it? It’s very heavy.

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