Yard/Organic Waste

Compost for a Cooler Planet!

Yard trimmings and food waste alone make up nearly 25% of our waste; combined with paper and wood, “compostable organics” make up two-thirds of our waste. Organic waste is the main contributor to methane gas emissions, which plays a major role in the global climate crisis. For more information about waste and climate change, visit www.cool2012.com and www.stoptrashingtheclimate.org.

Composting is a simple and effective way to re-use organic waste. Home composting requires little more than yard clippings and food scraps, and can be done even in the smallest efficiency apartment. This same process can be scaled up to handle large generators of organic waste such as restaurants and supermarkets.

Many online instructions are a simple websearch away. Some examples include:


The U.S. EPA maintains a comprehensive website about composting for information and education. Visit www.epa.gov/compost.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality offers a detailed publication on environmental lawn care, including composting, earthworms, grass-cycling, water conservation, and Integrated Pest Management: A Green Guide to Yard Care.
E-mail to get a free copy, or download at:

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