First, Reduce: Paper products are the single biggest portion of our waste. For every 100 pounds of garbage, about 35 pounds is paper! Although you should certainly recycle paper at home and at work, the first thing to do is help reduce waste at its source. For instance, stop junk mail, and stop getting phone books.

Stop Junk Mail ($1 fee):
DMA Mail Preference Service

Stop getting phone books (free):

Stop Credit Card Offers (free):

Stop Sweepstakes Promotions (free):
Publishers Clearinghouse

Stop Shopping Flyers (free):

Harte-Hanks Mailers

Stop Junk Faxes (free):
Contact the sender. If unsuccessful, file a complaint with Consumer Information Bureau.

Stop Catalogs (free):

Recycle Everywhere: If you have curbside recycling, paper is certainly accepted. If not, you can find a neighborhood drop-off center:

Central Texas residents – click here
D/FW residents – click here
Houston area residents – click here

But wait, there’s more. You can arrange for giant recycling bin at your office, school or place of worship. Since paper is valuable, these are typically cheap, free, or will even earn money in certain cases!

Abitibi Paper Retriever (Central Texas, San Antonio, D/FW and Houston)
Balcones Resources
(Central Texas and D/FW)
Tri-Recycling (Central Texas)
Greenstar (Central Texas, San Antonio, D/FW and Houston)
EcoRewards Recycling (Central Texas, San Antonio, D/FW and Houston)

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