Texas TV TakeBack Bill Signed Into Law

E-cycling advocates: Governor Rick Perry has signed a bill into law that makes TV manufacturers responsible for taking back old and obsolete televisions. The law, which is similar to legislation passed in 2007 for computer recycling, requires manufacturers to establish free, convenient recycling programs for Texas residents. Earth 911 has more:

Texas hold’em? Not so much anymore.

Obsolete televisions that used to end up roadside or otherwise illegally dumped in the Lone Star state will now be properly recycled thanks to new legislation. Gov. Rick Perry signed a bill into law last week that compels TV manufacturers to take back and recycle old sets.

Televisions, like other electronics, disgorge heavy metals and other toxic materials into the ground and water as they break down in landfills. Old-fashioned cathode ray tube TVs contain four to eight pounds of lead, while newer flat-screen styles use several mercury bulbs to light the screen.

Image: Earth 911

Now that the bill has been signed, our state environmental agency (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, or TCEQ) will begin crafting the rules to implement and enforce it as a state law. Environmental groups and recycling advocates will work to press TCEQ officials to adopt strong rules that will result in effective recycling programs for all Texas residents. In addition, Texas Campaign for the Environment is also calling on retail giant Walmart to participate and offer e-waste recycling at its stores — a move best Buy has already made. To learn more and help encourage Walmart to get with the recycling program, visit the TCE website here.

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